Saturday, July 08, 2006

Padres Pack Nats' Pickles

Earlier tonight the Washington Nationals officially had their pickles packed by the San Diego Padres, losing 5 - 2. The lone bright spot for the Nats was Alfonso Soriano's first-inning home run, his 27th of the season. The Nats have lost two in a row and have now guaranteed a last place position for the All-Star Break.

According to, one of the spectators for the event was President George W. Bush, most likely celebrating either his 60th birthday or the impending war with North Korea. I didn't get a chance to spot the Commander in Chief, but I was closer to him than I've every been before. W, or 'Dubs', was probably enthralled by the Presidential Race, which saw Abraham Lincoln cheat to win by chucking the orange traffic cone at Teddy Roosevelt. "Honest Abe" is now 3 - 0 at games I've attended this year, reppin' the burgandy seats well.

View from section 470, row 4 seat 11.

In more postive D.C. sporting news, D.C. United defeated the Columbus Crew to further their unbeaten streak to 12 games. Alecko Eskandarian scored the only goal of the game as D.C. won 1 - 0. They are now an unreal 17 points ahead of the second best team in the East. I seriously need to get to some of their games this season, as they've been straight killing every team in sight. It looks like I'll get my first shot this Wednesday when the Black-and-Red take on Celtic FC in a friendly at RFK.

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