Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nationals are some garbage

The Washington Nationals are some garbage. Last night I watched the last place team in the NL East get smoked by the last place team in the AL East, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Yes, that's right. The DEVIL RAYS. The team that has never finished better than DEAD LAST in their EIGHT YEAR EXISTANCE. Not only did they beat the Nats, they smoked 'em 11 - 1 in the Nats worst loss of the season.

Starting pitcher Mike O'Connor gave up like a hundred runs (actually 5) and then relief pitcher Jason Bergmann gave up like 13 homeruns (actually 3). The ever-potent Devil Rays line-up got 17 hits, including 5 home runs, in the hitter-friendly confines of RFK Stadium. OUCH.

Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore put it just as badly in his article:
Today, when the Nationals wake up sore from the 11-1 pounding they received from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays last night, their most lopsided loss this season, the trip to the ballpark will offer very little reason for optimism. The Devil Rays ensured that by drilling five home runs and 17 hits, while Tim Corcoran held the Nationals to three hits -- one a bunt -- and no runs in seven innings.
Losers of nine of their past 10 games, 15 games under .500 for the first time this season, the Nationals are long on bad baseball and short on hope.
Despite the awful performance, there were three highlights from the experience. One, something that can only happen in D.C., a DCPD helicopter landed in front of the stadium while we were tailgaiting in the parking lot. Not only did the 'copter land, but it did a complete 540 before it came down. Very cool.

Second, during the 9th inning, Tampa Bay right fielder Damon Jamall Hollins provided some entertainment. Since the home team was getting lit up, my section decided to cheer for him. He acknowledged us with a wave and even tried to toss a ball to our section, although just like the Devil Rays' aspirations, it fell way short. It landed in a luxury box below us. Still cool.

View from section 467, row 1, seat 2.

Third, almost like they were anticipating a poor turnout (for the Nats and D-Rays???), the team gave away free coolers to fans attending the game. In an ultimate sign of respect and reverence for the franchise, many fans didn't bother to bring them home. Luckily for me, I walked away with two. God bless Interleague Baseball.

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