Friday, April 06, 2007

Leaving Nats Game Early

I did it. I did the very thing that drives me craziest about sports fans. Last night, I left a game early.

Early isn't even the word to describe it. Early is when someone leaves a sporting event with time still on the clock and a chance (albeit small) that the losing team could prevail. This is one of the most reprehensible actions a male can do and the one thing you DON'T do if you're a "true fan." Beat traffic, my ass. Yogi Berra knew his shit, It ain't over 'til it's over. There are countless examples, (Duke @ Maryland, 2001; Indian Pacers @ New York Knicks, 1995; Boise State vs. Oklahoma, 2007), that prove you do not leave early and you do not fall asleep while watching the game. But last night... I did it.

I didn't leave early; I left beyond early. I arrived in the bottom of the 1st and left in the top of the 3rd. It was horrible. I knew I was wrong, but it was just... so... cold...

Freezing view from section 408, row 6, seat 11.

Don't get me wrong, I could have toughed it out. I could have proven my manhood and stayed until the very last pitch. It wasn't just the cold. It was the combination of awful weather conditions and awful play on the field.

The Nats are bad. Not in anyway is that a bad thing. I'd rather them be bad and rebuilding with young talent than spending cash on a second string star just to avoid 100 losses (See: Baltimore Orioles). The Nats are easily headed for more than 100 losses, some are even suggesting 120. In the long run, we'll all be seating in cushy seats at a cushy stadium watching the Nats make playoff runs in a two-three years. But right now they're not worth a case of pneumonia.

Agent Z-Man up to bat. How'd he end up? Fuckedifiknow.

I'm going to my fair share of Nats game this season, believe me. I'm not going to give up on a team that finishes last three years running. The fact that DC has a baseball team still brings a huge smile to my face. I'm just going to games starting in May, or June, or whenever it heats up around here.

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